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Evolving Insights Into the Evolutionary Leadership Abilities of Gay Men. 

Possibly the most important and vital quality in a leader is honesty; and I would add the qualifiers, transparency and vulnerability. Last year I published a post about the loneliness of leadership, which was sharply criticized by a group of individuals who were unwilling to simply ask for the other side of the story. They were following a leader, which does not mean that thier leader was leading with integrity. That person was out to attack, harass, seek vengeance and encouraged groupthink in his followers.

It was an important and vital lesson for me to learn. It was also an extreme example of honesty and vulnerability backfiring, in a situation where others are already on the defensive. Essentially, minds don’t change in a fight. I chose the wrong moment to lead with vulnerability. And this is yet another one of the many required qualities of leadership: to know when you’re wrong, or that you make a mistake – not for what you said or did – but rather for the qualities you chose at the moment with which to lead. For that, there is no failure, only misunderstandings.

How does this story address my question of gay leadership? How can we experience and demonstrate the unique gay male gifts identified by Rigoglioso in an acting leadership capacity?

If I were to ask you and a group of people, from all walks of life, the question, “What is leadership?”, I could create a massive bullet list of attributes. But for this article, I want to narrow down my approach in order to pull back the veil of my idea. I’m going to loosely term my explanations of the core essentials of leadership as “evolutionary” and “humanitarian”.