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Sex Shaming During COVID-19 — A Discussion with Shaun Proux

Sex Shaming During COVID-19 - A Discussion with Shaun Proux

Think Queerly Podcast — Episode 133 In this special edition of the Think Queerly Podcast, I speak with my friend and colleague, Shaun Proulx about the issue of shaming and judgment of those who are choosing (and needing) to have sex during the COVID-19 pandemic and social quarantine. Haven’t We Been Here Before? In this episode...

The Prejudice of PrEP: You’re Fucked if You Don’t Bareback – LOP093

The Prejudice of PrEP

Bareback Privilege and the Demise of Risk-Aversion There’s a new kind of gay male sexual privilege, one that’s entering dangerous areas of health, disease control, and prejudice: gay men who are on PrEP and only have bareback sex. There Is Risk in Everything We Do “As renowned PrEP educator and marriage and family therapist, Damon Jacobs...

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