From Silence to the Deafening Disturbance of Difference


When everyone is shouting over everyone else, does anyone have a discernible message, one that breaks through to hearts and minds? It often feels like everyone is speaking at a level that is loud and not in a form we would call dialogue. On social media, in the news, or in person we see shouting, personal attacks, and arguing to prove one’s point...

Has LGBTQ+ Pride Been White-Washed by White Gay Men?


A Think Queerly Podcast Discussion with Shawn Banks Last week I published an article on Th-Ink Queerly by Shawn Banks titled, “Why White Gay Men Have Ruined LGBTQ+ Pride Month For Me.” My involvement in the comments raised a number of questions in me, so I asked Shawn if he would come on the podcast and have a conversation. We discussed the...

Reconfiguring Pride to Savour Black Lives in 2020 and Beyond


Think Queerly Podcast Discussion with Olivia Nuamah & Jeffrey Iovannone Pride will always be political so long as it continues to exist. Pride, as a celebration, because it is celebrated, is a priori political because of its origins. Even to those to whom Pride only seems a big party, the nature and existence of Pride is dependent upon its...

Words That Hurt: What You Say Matters – LOP047


“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.” The intention behind words matters. How a word is used will affect the receiver in communication. Words can lift people up, but they can also hurt when they are intended to be prejudiced, demeaning, or hateful. What about taking a word at face value? Should all words be free to...

Darren is a leadership coach in Toronto, Canada who helps his clients to connect and embrace their uniqueness and freely create the life they want. He writes and podcasts regularly about Queer Leadership.