How Pete Buttigieg ‘Covers’ His Gay Identity

Pete Buttigieg

“Buttigieg is the first openly gay American to run for President. Only a few years ago, a gay Presidential hopeful was unthinkable. Yet, even in the midst of the backlash against LGBTQ equality created by the Trump administration, I feel underwhelmed by the prospect of a President Buttigieg and his significance as an openly gay politician...

What Constitutes a Queer Leadership?

What Constitutes a Queer Leadership

Laying the stepping stones for a new way forward. For some time I’ve been pondering the question, “What is queer leadership — and does it even exist?” It would be easier to ask, “What is Gay Leadership?” because we have witnessed gay leadership work to usher in many of the rights, freedoms, and acceptance that we enjoy — albeit...

Writing a New Narrative. The Power of Story to Save Humanity – LOP098

Writing a New Narrative - the Power of Story to Save Humanity

Live OUT your unique identity to create an LGBTQ leadership that makes a difference in the world. Recently I listened to The TED Interview, Yuval Noah Harari reveals the real dangers ahead in which Harari explains why it might feel like there’s no future for humanity. Serendipity led me to read, George Monbiot: how do we get out of this mess? and...

Pride: Party, Protest, Or Both? – LOP004

Pride Toronto by Eric Parker

If pride remains a protest, where does that leave us? Pride will always be political so long as it continues to exist. Pride, as a celebration – because it is celebrated – is a priori political because of its origins. Even to those to whom Pride only seems a big party, the nature and existence of Pride is built upon the foundations of a political...

Darren is a leadership coach in Toronto, Canada who helps his clients to connect and embrace their uniqueness and freely create the life they want. He writes and podcasts regularly about Queer Leadership.