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Too Many Gender Identifying Pronouns: The Decision Fatigue Paradox

Too Many Gender Identifying Pronouns

The nature and economy of language provide clues about which pronouns will endure in the Queer Community. Pronouns used to properly recognize gender and sexual identities are a political act that disrupts the status quo. However, what’s been missing from the ‘pronoun debate’ is the discussion about the nature of language and who or what will have...

How My Parents Influenced My Gay Male Identity – LOP040

Parents Influenced My Gay Male Identity

Our earliest influences that form who we become as adults start with our parents. While I am certainly not saying that my parents made me gay; how I was raised absolutely influenced my identity as a gay male. We looked up to our parents as children. We believed everything they told us to be true. They were our first leaders. We learned how to...

Forgiveness and Acceptance of Internalized Homophobia – LOP039

Self-Acceptance of Internalized Homophobia

Gay men can lead others in a new model of forgiveness through their own healing of gay shame and understanding of homophobia. We can evolve as men who understand and embrace the dichotomy of masculine and feminine energies. As gay men, we struggled with forgiveness when we first came out. We had to learn to forgive ourselves for the lies...

From Sissy Boys to Straight-Acting Gay Men

Sissy Boys to Straight-Acting Gay Men

Forgiveness and Self-Acceptance Starts with Understanding Our Gay Shame. Forgiveness allows you to live in the now, to have the self-worth to be able to let go of your past and all the transgressions you may have suffered – but not to condone or forget the actions of others. Gay men can lead humanity with a new model of forgiveness through their...

We Need Humane Rights, Not Human Rights – LOP037

Humane Rights Not Human Rights

Populism is on the rise in North America. For the first time it seems like we’re beginning to see it’s negative effects in Canada – specifically in Ontario where the Ontario PC Party won a majority election earlier this year. At a recent annual party convention the Ontario PC Party voted on a resolution that is a prime example of the first real...

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