Reconfiguring Pride to Savour Black Lives in 2020 and Beyond


Think Queerly Podcast Discussion with Olivia Nuamah & Jeffrey Iovannone Pride will always be political so long as it continues to exist. Pride, as a celebration, because it is celebrated, is a priori political because of its origins. Even to those to whom Pride only seems a big party, the nature and existence of Pride is dependent upon its...

Why Are People So Fucking Angry, Right Now?


Is it Because of the COVID-19 Pandemic or Something Else? I’ve been writing and talking a lot about how we can be better people, how we can be the best and most human-hearted versions of ourselves doing the COVID-19 pandemic. In my podcast and article from last week, An Invitation to Experience Things As They Are in the Midst of the COVID-19...

How to Create Trust and Certainty in Challenging Times


The Covid-19 pandemic is social disruption like we’ve never seen before The Covid-19 Pandemic is challenging all of us to remain calm, to not slide into doubt, fear, and the darkness of depression, or worse, to lash out in frustration, anger, and desperation. You might even say, “Well, Darren, how could we not?” While some of us are more...

In Defence of Queers Disrupting the Status Quo – LOP083


\n About twice a month I write a newsletter to share and promote the queer thought leadership that’s published on my magazine, Th-Ink Queerly on Medium. The day after I published, Normate Gays, an LGBTQ Canadian Coin, and the Importance of Inconvenience I received a response to the newsletter. The offended party wrote: “Take me off your mailing...

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