Inspiration Comes from Within But Support Comes from Other Minds


An invitation to ‘play’ in my Queer Creatives Mastermind Program A few weeks ago I wrote a post titled, Why the World Needs Queer Creativity Now More Than Ever. I started that post with a quote, which is worth repeating: “If you are on a mission to discover what you have to offer, and to bring it out into the world, every moment...

Sex Panic! And No, I Will Not Think of the Children! LOP061

Sex Panic LOP060

The expression of human sexuality, and the freedom to have sex with whomever we desire, was a defining quality in the early gay-rights movement, pre-AIDS. How things have changed, and yet, how some things have become worse. Where did this fear of sex start and what is “Sex Panic”? In the queer community, Sex Panic!, was a sexual activism group...

The Reluctance to Lead as Out Gay Men: Embracing Gay Spirit – LOP058

Reluctance to Lead as Out Gay Men Embracing Gay Spirit

Living OUT Leadership for Gay Men “Gay spirit speaks to the vitality that gay men possess, which is palpable but defies easy description.”Raymond Rigoglioso I believe that gay men have a unique opportunity to openly embrace their unique characteristics – in particular, their gay spirt – to bring a balanced, empathetic approach to leadership, and...

How Gay Men Imbue Culture With Beauty and Creativity – LOP042

Darren and Christiaan - Gay Men Imbue Culture With Beauty

As a gay man, when I tune into beauty I connect with the source that creates life. From that source comes my inspiration, that quality which allows me to create and bring value into the world. Following in the steps of the exploration I began in, Is Forgiveness of Homophobia a Gay Male Gift? LOP030, today I discuss (in very sensual terms) the...

Darren is a leadership coach in Toronto, Canada who helps his clients to connect and embrace their uniqueness and freely create the life they want. He writes and podcasts regularly about Queer Leadership.