How Purging Connects with Your Core Values – LOP034

Purging Connects with Your Core Values

Why purge? Purging will help you to let go of what’s holding you back in life so that you can focus on what’s most important to you, and spend more of your time and energy working on what you want to accomplish in life. What is purging? It’s a process that helps to increase your, Ability to focus, thus making better use of your time;Personal...

If You’re Feeling Overwhelmed Solve This One Problem First – LOP031

Feeling Overwhelmed Solve This One Problem First

What is overwhelm? It’s a state of being in which you feel total overpowered by one or more emotions, situations, or everything all at once. In truth it’s an emotional state in which you are overly identified with too many of your problems or struggles and you are stuck in your head. It’s a vicious cycle, and the problem is that you are not your...

What Is Your Calling in Life?


This was my life over a year ago (mid 2017), trying to find a way out of personal training and health coaching. This post is inspired by a journal entry  I wrote as a result of using my own, ADD Method: Get Clarity Process. The problems I was struggling at that time were: how to position myself as a life coach, and; knowing my unique and...

Use This Process to Solve Your Problems and Challenges – LOP015

Process to Solve Your Problems

\n The outcome of this self-assessment process is to gain clarity on the reasons for your problems, struggles or challenges. Once you get clarity on what’s holding you back, you can then come up with solutions and create an action plan to solve those problems and challenges.  This process is part of my ADD Coaching Methodology: a coaching...

The ADD to Your Life Methodology: Assess – Dream – Design

ADD to your life Method-pexels-photo-934062

What best parts of you have you left in the closet? As a gay man there were things I wanted to do during my adolescence that I hid away from view. I wasn’t out and was struggling to accept myself for who I was years before declaring, “I’m gay”. I wanted to take gymnastics or try out for dance, but that would have definitively labelled me as “gay”...

Darren is a leadership coach in Toronto, Canada who helps his clients to connect and embrace their uniqueness and freely create the life they want. He writes and podcasts regularly about Queer Leadership.