Asking someone to pay to read blog posts or to listen to a podcast feels outside of the norm.

At least that’s what the Internet wants you to think! Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. depend upon creators like me to provide free content. What you read, watch, and listen online adds to the algorithms that create a “psychological profile”. In other words, what you do online dictates the kind of advertising you see.

As a writer and podcaster I need to income to sustain my efforts.

I do a lot of reading, research, preparation, and production to deliver my podcasts and articles. There are monthly costs that must be paid to support the hosting of podcast files, equipment, etc. 

We live in a capitalist society.

We exchange money for products or services that we want, that provide value and improve our lives. I am passionate about helping others think critically on issues like personal growth, social justice and LGBTQ issues. In order to deliver weekly, helpful content, I need regular income to support myself.

At the time of this writing, I have no desire to put up a pay-wall and restrict access to the Living OUT Podcast or my articles. Instead, I am choosing to take a different approach.

On paid advertising…

I don’t want to promote a product or service unless I believe in it. That’s not to say I’ll never have an advertiser on the podcast, but I will not accept advertising if it requires any kind of control or limitation on the content I create. I also have no interest in creating content that supports advertising, no matter how good the product. 

If you’ve found what I’ve shared in the Living OUT Podcast helpful,  if you’ve made positive changes in your life as a result of something I’ve said, would you help support the show and my efforts?

Whatever you do, thank you for listening and I look forward to your continued support.

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Post Script

If you are not in a position financially to donate, but the Podcasts brings you value, then please save your money! You can help me in other ways. For example:

  • Give my podcast 5-starts on iTunes or wherever you listen;
  • Write a review on iTunes;
  • Share an episode on social media, or;
  • Leave a comment on an episode webpage.