For many years I held onto my past. I thought about people who made me feel bad and unworthy.

I reacted to how heteronormative culture boxed me in and made me feel shame for being a gay man. I felt like a loser graduating high school with a 51% average. My past became my identity and I was stuck in the drama of that tired old story.

What actions can you take to let go of what’s holding you back?

How would it feel to move forward with ease, to live out the best of who you are, to explore what you’ve hidden away in the closet, and to finally get what you want?

In this episode, I share some of my journey and some of my “baggage” to explain how a single shift in focus can dramatically improve your life.

Read the accompanying post, If You Can Leave Your Baggage Behind, Then You Can Increase Success.

Living OUT theme music: “Summer” by ~ Photo by Jessica F on Unsplash.

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