My mission is to help you use your difference to make a difference.

Yes, you’ll benefit from listening to the Living OUT Podcast, but if you want to be the change you want to see in the world, having people support you can make all the difference.

This is why I have partnered with Patreon to offer you various levels of interaction, support, teaching, and coaching with me.

How Can I Become a Member?

Patreon uses “Tiers”, which is similar to someone offering a membership level, like bronze, silver, and gold. For example, when you become a “Patron” (the first tier) you’re supporting my ongoing efforts to create two Living OUT episodes per week. But there’s more…

Critical Thinkers Take Part in the Conversation!

At the Critical Thinker tier you are both a supporter and a participant in the discussion. You will be able to ask questions, make suggestions, and interact with me about topics from the podcast on my Discord channel (a voice and text chat app).

Change Makers Do It Live!

Want more? Become a Change Maker“. You’ll get all the benefits of the “Critical Thinker” tier, and in addition, you’ll be able to participate in 2-3 LIVE and interactive video conferences per month (sessions will be recorded if you are unable to attend).

Discover all the Benefits of Becoming a Living OUT Member