What is the the biggest reasons people fail at getting what they want, or succeeding at their goals?

Is it a lack of passion, preparation, a goal setting system, or resources (like money)?

Sure, it can be some or all of the above, but unless you address the real reason why people fail at getting what they want, passion, preparation, and resources just won’t matter

The reason people most often fail at getting what they want is:


This is why I created the ADD Methodology Clarity Process. This the first step to take to determine what’s holding your back, and then to create action steps to solve your problems and challenges.

The first step in the ADD Methodology is:

STEP 1: Assess your life and foundations to know where you stand.

  • If you don’t assess where you are with your problems and struggles it will be difficult to Reinforce the foundations of your life that support your goals.
  • This needs to happen before you can Evaluate what’s most important in your life to live out the best of who you are.
  • Only then can you plan out how to live your Life by Design with habits and practices that support your dreams.

The process I’m about to share with you is introduced in Step 1 of my ADD Coaching Methodology. You can use this process whenever you feel stuck and don’t know how to solve a problem or challenge in your life.

For example, have you ever,

  • Had a huge blowout with a friend or a loved one?
  • Faced what seemed like an impossible problem or situation?
  • Needed to do something that made you upset, uncertain, or made you feel defensive?

Take a moment to consider your most recent, emotionally challenging struggle.

The ADD Method – Get Clarity free book by Darren Stehle

Were you able to resolve that problem? Did you solve it to your satisfaction, or does it still bother you? Is it something that is still holding you back in some way?

The bigger the problem, the harder everything else seems to be. It’s like, until you solve that big, annoying problem, good luck getting anything else done.

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