How Can We Avoid Creating the Very Thing We Are Fighting Against?

Avoid Creating the Thing We Are Fighting Against

It’s relatively easy to be a prolific writer or podcaster if you keep your topics general, or if you’re always on the defensive and speak to polarizing subjects. But when it comes to a thoughtful response, one that comes from a place of perfect equanimity, such wisdom is rare because of the required emotional labour and humility. 

How can we have an opinion about something without having to defend it?

It is incredibly challenging, and sometimes it even feels impossible, to respond to an attack from a place of loving-kindness and acceptance for the other person as a human being, while maintaining the emotional integrity to offer an alternative solution that improves the situation and the humanity of the interaction.

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“How Can We Avoid Creating the Very Thing We Are Fighting Against?”

Leading Queerly

Post title & opening podcast soundbite: Ram Dass on Instagram. Image credit: Santiago Sito

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