Seizures, Tears, and Chasing Thieves: Getting Certainty In Overwhelming Times


COVID-19 reveals how some things change while others become more apparent

In this episode, I share a few stories about two incidents that I’ve been a part of over the last few weeks that have had a profound impact on my understanding and observations of human behaviour during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The biggest challenge lately has been what some are calling, moral fatigue, which is our experience of having to make one too many morally challenging decisions. This is showing up during the pandemic as the personal responsibility and respect we have for front-line workers, paying attention to adequate physical distancing, making sure that we minimize how often we go out to all the places we used to go to without a second thought, and so on.

It’s Normal to Feel Overwhelmed…

But in this challenging time of uncertainty with the COVID-19 pandemic — including having to stay at home, physical distancing protocols, economic instability, and existential worry — what can you do to improve your state of mind when you feel like you have no control, or when you feel stressed out with uncertainty? How can you shift your focus to a better future vision, one that you want to create for yourself, and one that you can imagine happening?

This is why I’m offering you a one-time minimum, pay-what-you-can 90-minute Get Certainty Session during the COVID-19 pandemic. The session is designed to help you reset your mind, get more prediction and response, and come up with specific strategies that are unique to you to deal with all the unexpected disruptions, stress, and moral fatigue and to create more peace of mind in your life.

This offer is only available until the end of May 2020

There are only 8 spots remaining so please make use of this offer before it’s gone! Once you book the 90-minute Get Certainty Session you will get immediate access to my mini-course, What’s Out of Your Control? which you can complete before our call to assist you even more with gaining clarity and certainty in your life.

Give Me More Certainty!

Think More Deeply…

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Darren is a leadership coach in Toronto, Canada who helps his clients to connect and embrace their uniqueness and freely create the life they want. He writes and podcasts regularly about Queer Leadership.