The Crisis of Time and Distraction in Our Information Society – LOP036

Crisis of Time and Distraction

“I’m stressed out!”

On a Saturday morning two years ago I was sitting in the bath reading, “Getting Things Done” by David Allen. Oh, right… that’s a relaxing book! 

I needed to relax, which is why I was taking a bath. I thought I would sink deep into the water and let go, except while reading my “relaxing book on productivity” I got an idea. I quickly grabbed my iPhone to dictate my idea and then got back to “trying to relax” in the bath.

Seeing a pattern here?

I was so distracted, I couldn’t even take a relaxing bath!

Distractions take you away from what matters

Are you distracted by various “options” that promise to do or make something better or easier in life – when doing it the way you’ve always done it, might be the most efficient and effective method?

An important question to ask yourself when you’re feeling distracted is, 

“Where do I need to put my attention, right now, to accomplish/to feel/to focus…”

Living OUT theme music: “Summer” by  ~ Photo by Markus Spiske.

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