Exploring the Potential and Creative Leadership Power of Gay Men. 

Many gay men are challenged to lead from the source that makes them unique – their gayness – because that place may hold a history paid with shame and vulnerability. 

Living OUT Leadership helps gay men explore their unique qualities and insights as gay men. By realizing, accepting, and expressing our authentic gay-self we can enhance the lives of others and by default, live out the best of who we are.

Collaboratively we will develop our gay leadership muscles through shared learning and interaction, through reflection and support, and helping each member have the courage to be vulnerable and bravely lead from their authentic gay identity. 

Have You Ever Felt Like You Are “More Than…”?

When you live out your authentic gay self you allow others to see your gifts as a gay man, even in spaces where you’ve been told that you “can’t be gay”.

You can be a beacon, a leader who understands the precarious balancing act of leading others. As a leader you are always shifting your weight from one side to the next – like standing on a teeter-totter, straddling the fulcrum maintaining an act of balance. 

As gay men, if we have fully embraced and accepted our uniqueness, we know about this balancing act from how we shift between the masculine and feminine energies, between the diffuse and the focused, sometimes restricting and holding back, other times freely expressing outside of the status quo. 

“Power is the ability to achieve purpose and affect change.” 

Martin Luther King Jr.

Want to Take Part in this Evolutionary Path?

More details will be forthcoming about the Mastermind group. In the meantime, if what I’ve written above intrigues you, I invite you to join the Living OUT Leadership Facebook Group – a private group where we can meet to discuss how to use our leadership gifts as out gay men for the benefit of humanity.