In my work as a Life Coach I bring a unique kind of experience and awareness to the work we do together. I understand the problems and challenges of self-esteem and body image that many women and gay men deal with.

Many of us have used fitness as a tool to make us feel better about ourselves, but that’s not what makes us truly happy. In my own life, I have used working out and building muscle as a way to feel better about myself and more attractive.

Back in 2002, I started my journey to become a personal trainer. During my years in the fitness industry, I evolved quickly, realizing that something important was missing from my tool chest.

While I was constantly evolving my technical skills in training and program design, as well as my “coaching eye”, I discovered that my clients consistently got the best results when we worked on their thoughts and mindset.

My approach as a life coach for gay men is built upon the foundation of well-being. I used to call this wellness, which is the foundation of fitness. But well-being incorporates both wellness and everything else we do to support who we are as happy, thriving human beings.

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For deeper insight into how I approach physical health and well-being, listen to How to Love Your Body as a Gay Man, or download my free book, 7 Beneath-the-Skin Thoughts For Gay Men to Love Their Body.

Where I work

I’m available to work with you in person if you live in the downtown Toronto area and have access to a private gym in your home or condo. (I am not available to work at a membership-based club).

Not in Toronto or nearby? I work with clients virtually, offering program design, nutrition and life coaching, depending on your needs.

If you want help with your nutrition, cooking, and meal planning, I am an expert in those areas. I am both a certified Precision Nutrition Level 2 Coach, and I have my chef-training certification. If you’d like to learn more about cooking healthier meals in bulk see my,

Cook a Week of Meals in 4 Hours Video Program:

Exercise & Nutrition Bio

  • Chef Training Certificate, George Brown College (Toronto) in 1987.
  • 25+ years experience in whole food and bulk meal preparation.
  • CPTN Certified (Canadian Personal Trainer’s Network), 2002.
  • King Sports International Coach Mentoring Program (2003-2007).
  • Precision Nutrition (Pn2) Level 2 Coach, March 2016.
If that is an approach to health, fitness, and thriving in life that speaks to you, and you want my guidance with your physical fitness, I’d love to hear from you.