ADD to Your Life!

Life is not about setting goals. Life is about Living OUT the best of who you are, by experiencing joy, abundance, and peace of mind.

How do you Live OUT the best of who you are?

You start by knowing yourself well enough so that you can create and live a life by design that allows you to be and have what you want.

All the goal-setting programs in the world are not going to help you do that unless you first get clarity about how you got to where you are now, and how knowing that affects everything else going forward.

This is why I created the ADD Coaching Method, to help guide you through a process in which you ASSESS, DREAM, and then DESIGN the life of your dreams.

ASSESS (Part 1)

Have you ever tried setting goals only to either fail miserably, lose interest, or not achieve your intention in a way that would be satisfactory? This happens to all of us.

What you might not realize is that all of your problems, struggles, and challenges, including how you got to where you are now in life, could be holding you back from succeeding at your best intentions.

This is why we begin the ADD Method with, Step 1: ASSESS your life and foundations to know where you stand.

Next we move into Step 2: PURGE your physical and emotional clutter to make space, and to get rid of what is not serving you. The Step 3: REINFORCE the foundations of your life to support you in accomplishing with greater ease.

Darren’s life experiences have truly made him an example of overcoming hard situations and made him an exceptionally unique coach, as he can relate to individuals on so many levels.

Nada Elbard

DREAM (Part 2)

Once you’ve done the work to get clarity on how you got to this point in life, we jump into your future-present with Step 4: DREAM. 

We’re not setting goals at this point. This is your time to dream freely, to envision a time in your future-present when you have experienced the feelings of success and accomplishment. It’s a powerful experience to prepare you for the remaining steps of the ADD Method.

DESIGN (Part 3)

With clarity about how you got to this point in life, your biggest challenges, which areas of your life need reinforcement, and a dream to pull you forward we start on the DESIGN Phase.

This is Step 5: EVALUATE, where you get clear on your core values and how they connect and support your dream. In Step 6: Live By DESIGN we create structure, systems, and an optimal schedule that supports your DREAM

With the structure in place to Live By DESIGN, it’s time for Step 7: DEFINE Your Goals. We focus on creating your plan to accomplish purpose-centred goals, and to make getting what you want a joyful and efficient process. The final Step 8: IMPLEMENT is putting all you’ve learned into play, and to establish your commitment to Live OUT the best of who you are.

Whenever I’m discouraged by a bad week you’d mention where I’ve come from and how much progress I’ve already made. You have a confidence that I’ll succeed and that confidence is infectious. I’d see how you’d adapt to find ways to explain new habits, and to get into my head to figure out what was holding me back.

Brent Knowles

The ADD Method is not a template

The program is like a blank slate for you to draw on. By following the eight steps of the Assess ~ Dream ~ Design Process in a specific sequence, you get the greatest benefit when you come to the end of the process. It’s counterintuitive for a reason and it bucks the way most people teach setting goals or life design.

If you’ve struggled in the past with setting goals it might be because you’ve been using a process that simply doesn’t work for you.

Just as a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, the ADD Method examines how each link in the chain has created your current reality. We strengthen the chain (Step 6: Live By DESIGN) by removing the weakest links (Step 2: PURGE), and support (Step 3: REINFORCE) the links that best serve your DREAM.

This is the subtle but powerful difference of this approach and why it’s so effective at helping you efficiently get what you need to live an impactful, more efficient life.

Slow down to create lasting results

To get the best results from experiencing the ADD Method you will need to invest your time – not just by showing up for our coaching sessions – but for the work you will need to do between sessions. Personal evolution is a process that takes time! We will book enough time for each coaching session to make sure you have the clarity needed to take productive action steps after each session.

The ADD Method is a “self-management” process for life. Once you’ve experienced it, you can repeat any of the steps when you find yourself blocked or struggling with a problem.

ADD To Your Life Group Program 

The first group version of my ADD Method starts Monday October 29, 2018. The program runs for 12-weeks (with a short break over the December holidays), and end on January 31, 2019.

Take the first step on me….

The ADD Method – Get Clarity free book by Darren Stehle

If you haven’t already done so, I invite you to experience the first step of the ADD Method, to Get Clarity on your most pressing problem, struggle, or challenge. Download your free copy of the Get Clarity Process here:

Once you’ve completed the Get Clarity Process and have identified what’s holding you back (or what you’re struggling to accomplish), let’s book a discovery session to talk about what you learned from the process and to discover if we’d like to work together: