An Invitation to Experience Things As They Are in the Midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic


“Tranquillity in Disturbance Means Perfection”Chuang Tzu Since most of Canada went into “lockdown” in the middle of March, we have been witnessing the greatest disruption to society in the 21st-century. Everything has been called into question: economic stability; capitalism; populism; human rights; basic human freedoms; climate...

4 Questions to Determine What You Need to Let Go Of

4 Questions to Determine What You Need to Most Let Go Of

When you prioritize what’s most important, instead of what needs to get done, you reduce frustration and increase joy. Recently, I had a conversation with a friend and colleague. We got to talking about our work schedules and he told me that he’s changing how he works during the week. He will complete all client work and administration on Mondays...

To Make a Difference in the World You Must Live Out Without Apology – LOP095

Live Out Without Apology

Have you ever felt like you left the best parts of who you are in the closet? Think about that question for a moment. When we come out of the closet as LGBTQ people, most often we experience coming out several times (each time we have to reveal who we are to a new person). Sometimes we regress, fearful of having revealed too much of who we are...

The Prejudice of PrEP: You’re Fucked if You Don’t Bareback – LOP093

The Prejudice of PrEP

Bareback Privilege and the Demise of Risk-Aversion There’s a new kind of gay male sexual privilege, one that’s entering dangerous areas of health, disease control, and prejudice: gay men who are on PrEP and only have bareback sex. There Is Risk in Everything We Do “As renowned PrEP educator and marriage and family therapist, Damon Jacobs...

How to Control and Reduce The Toxic Stress of Homophobia – LOP070

Reduce The Toxic Stress of Homophobia – LOP070

Last week I was listening to Jonathan Van Ness’ podcast, Getting Curious (whom many of you might know from the Netflix show, Queer Eye). The episode, What is Toxic Stress & Why is She So Bad?, featured Dr. Caroline Leaf who’s a cognitive neuroscientist with a PhD in Communication Pathology and a BSc in Logopedics and Audiology, specializing in...

When You Purge What Distracts You, You Reconnect with Your Values

Purge What Distracts You

Last week I was listening to and episode of the “Waking Up” podcast by Sam Harris. He was speaking with with New York Times bestselling author, Johann Hari about the challenges of addiction and depression, and the increased use of prescribed anti-depressants, opioids, and illegal drug use. They discussed why people are so easily angry online...

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