Why We Need to Engage Critics and Defuse Outrage – LOP051

Dealing with criticism versus personal attack When someone responds with a criticism or attack on my articles or podcast, that’s often a good sign. It means I’m pushing buttons and triggers. Often the critic’s outrage is something they needs help with, but they are dealing with their challenge in a negative way. Other times they […]

How to Love Your Body as a Gay Man – LOP049

Think Differently with Healthier Thoughts Many gay men, myself included, have at some point tried to improve their physical appearance to attract other men. They have felt that, in order to be accepted, they needed to change their body to fit certain norms and the expectations of others. On one level there’s nothing wrong with […]

Ray Rigoglioso, Gay Man of Wisdom – LOP048

Raymond L. Rigoglioso is the founder and executive director of Gay Men of Wisdom and author of Gay Men and The New Way Forward. Through his book, Ray has synthesized the body of literature that explores gay men’s nature and purpose and created a framework describing gay men’s 14 distinct gifts. I’ve spoken about a […]

How to Discover Your True Purpose in Life – LOP044

Over the last few episodes of the Living OUT Podcast I’ve been discussing the unique gifts that gay men bring to the world. During this process I’ve discovered more about my true purpose – not in the sense that I didn’t know what it was, but as we evolve and learn more about who we […]

How My Parents Influenced My Gay Male Identity – LOP040

Our earliest influences that form who we become as adults start with our parents. While I am certainly not saying that my parents made me gay; how I was raised absolutely influenced my identity as a gay male. We looked up to our parents as children. We believed everything they told us to be true. […]

Forgiveness and Acceptance of Internalized Homophobia – LOP039

Gay men can lead others in a new model of forgiveness through their own healing of gay shame and understanding of homophobia. We can evolve as men who understand and embrace the dichotomy of the masculine and feminine energies. As gay men we struggled with forgiveness when we first came out. We had to learn to […]

From Sissy Boys to Straight-Acting Gay Men

Forgiveness and Self-Acceptance Starts with Understanding Our Gay Shame. Forgiveness allows you to live in the now, to have the self-worth to be able to let go of your past and all the transgressions you may have suffered – but not to condone or forget the actions of others. Gay men can lead humanity with […]

Th-Ink OUT-side the Box to Improve the Quality of Your Life – LOP038

How do you break out of the box you’ve built up around your life that limits your potential? You start with your thoughts. It’s not about being mind-full, it’s about improving your mind-set. If your mind is full, there’s no room for new thoughts. If you re-organize and improve your sets of thoughts, behaviours, and […]