If Fear Is the Mind Killer What Is Its Opposite? LOP046

The fewer fears we have the more open-minded and accepting we are of possibilities and variations in all aspects of life and humanity. When we are afraid of the wrath of an imaginary being in the sky, we will be fearful of anything we are told is unacceptable, against god, or an action that will […]

How My Parents Influenced My Gay Male Identity – LOP040

Our earliest influences that form who we become as adults start with our parents. While I am certainly not saying that my parents made me gay; how I was raised absolutely influenced my identity as a gay male. We looked up to our parents as children. We believed everything they told us to be true. […]

From Sissy Boys to Straight-Acting Gay Men

Forgiveness and Self-Acceptance Starts with Understanding Our Gay Shame. Forgiveness allows you to live in the now, to have the self-worth to be able to let go of your past and all the transgressions you may have suffered – but not to condone or forget the actions of others. Gay men can lead humanity with […]

Love the Journey and the Destination – LOP027

Have you hard the expression, “You need to fall in love with the process, not the goal”. That’s only partially correct. While it’s highly motivating to fall in love with the process, you never want to be attached to the goal. You don’t want to be emotionally dependant upon the goal. You want to fall […]

Why You Deserve What You Are Worth – LOP025

Have you ever said (or heard others say) something like, “Is that for me? Oh, you shouldn’t have!” Or, “I don’t deserve this.” Too often I hear this from those of us who serve others in capacities like coaching, personal training, massage, teaching, blogging, and so on. For some reason we depreciate ourselves, as if we shouldn’t […]

How We Treat Each Other Reflects Who We Are

What’s wrong in the world? What’s wrong is that I’m seeing far too many issues with people who, Seem to have a god-complex; Think they’re right, and you’re wrong (discussion not optional), and; Seem to fight only for what they believe in, ignoring logic in place of emotional connections, ideology, or faith. This makes me wonder, […]

What I Learned About Loving My Body As A Gay Man

Everyone has a story about their body. Some of us want to look great for the beach, to feel powerful and sexy when we’re in bed with someone, or to move easily without pain or discomfort. My body’s story has everything to do with being gay. As a kid I was always sick and had more […]

All The Cute Little Joys My Gay Boyfriend Brings

My boyfriend, my partner, my lover, brings me joy every day. Moments of joy is what keeps our love alive, strong, and enduring. It’s not about how much money either of us makes. It’s not about how often we have sex. And it’s not about how he looks. “Love is about noticing joy in the […]