When the Fight for LGBTQ Equality Seems Lost – LOP069

You need to keep trying, no matter what. ”How long should you try? Until.” Jim Rohn Jim Rohn never fails to say so much with so few words. What will it take for you to achieve your goals, be it your health, your business, or personal goals? But what if your goals involve LGBTQ equality, human […]

Do Actions Speak Louder Than Words? – LOP057

What we think is what we intend When we speak our ideas and intentions, our words initiate action, whether that be our own, or the inspiration for others to act. To answer the question above, what I see happening in the world today is that, Words ARE speaking louder than actions. The actions of hatred […]

The Hateful Prejudice and Elitism that is Jordan Peterson – LOP056

One of the promises made by the current Ontario PC government was that they would repeal the 2015 Ontario sex-ed curriculum installed by the former Liberal government if they won the election. They repealed the curriculum within months of winning the election in 2018 and temporarily replaced it with the 1998 curriculum. In August a […]

Authentic Masculinity Is The Best A Man Can Get – LOP052

Praise for Gillette’s #MeToo ad on ‘toxic masculinity’ What is the opposite of toxic masculinity? I would suggest it is what Ray Rigoglioso refers to as “authentic masculinity” in his book, Gay Men and The New Way Forward, which is a balancing intelligence of the masculine and feminine energies or characteristics in gay men – but […]

Words That Hurt: What You Say Matters – LOP047

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.” The intention behind words matters. How a word is used will affect the receiver in communication. Words can lift people up, but they can also hurt when they are intended to be prejudiced, demeaning, or hateful. What about taking a word at […]

If Fear Is the Mind Killer What Is Its Opposite? LOP046

The fewer fears we have the more open-minded and accepting we are of possibilities and variations in all aspects of life and humanity. When we are afraid of the wrath of an imaginary being in the sky, we will be fearful of anything we are told is unacceptable, against god, or an action that will […]

We Need Humane Rights, Not Human Rights – LOP037

Populism is on the rise in North America. For the first time it seems like we’re beginning to see it’s negative effects in Canada – specifically in Ontario where the Ontario PC Party won a majority election earlier this year. At a recent annual party convention the Ontario PC Party voted on a resolution that […]

Is Forgiveness of Homophobia a Gay Male Gift? LOP030

In this episode, I speak about the challenge for gay men to forgive homophobia in their lives – be it from individuals, family, and society at large. The topic for the episode was inspired by a discussion of models of forgiveness in Raymond L. Rigolisoso’s ground-breaking book, “Gay Men and The New Way Forward” and from […]

The Internalized Homophobia Of “Straight-Acting” Gay Men

#IDAHOTB Starts With Looking At Ourselves If you’re an out and proud gay man - and whether or not you like to take it up the butt (and goodness me, why wouldn’t you? Come on, take it like a man!) - why would you label yourself as straight-acting? This is the ultimate version of internalized homophobia for many gay men. […]

The Problem of Freedom of Choice vs Discrimination

Over the last few days I’ve been monitoring responses to one of my articles on Medium, Not Having to Bake Cakes for LGBTQ People Is an Insult to Humanity. I responded to the most lengthy comment  by writing a post instead of a direct response. I’ve been publishing articles on Th-Ink Queerly since November 2017. I’m surprised […]