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Think Queerly is a podcast about human-hearted leadership for queer-thinking people where I share my insights as a coach and thought leader through an intersection of self-examination, queerness, neuroscience, and my study of the Tao Te Ching. My intention is to help you see the world differently, to think queerly, to lead from your uniqueness, and to create solutions for the betterment of humanity that impacts the world.


How Can We Avoid Creating the Very Thing We Are Fighting Against?


It’s relatively easy to be a prolific writer or podcaster if you keep your topics general, or if you’re always on the defensive and speak to polarizing subjects. But when it comes to a thoughtful response, one that comes from a place of perfect equanimity, such wisdom is rare because of the required emotional labour and humility.  How...

When Prejudice is a Drag Queen: The Loss of a Transgressive Art Form


How is drag representative of our queer community? Is it acceptable for a drag queen to make jokes that are racist or transphobic?Old school drag needs to change with the times and learn how to express our more inclusive values as a community.Has drag lost its transgressive nature now that it has become an acceptable capitalist enterprise?Social...

“Think Queerly: Meditations & Critical Reflections on Liberating Humanity”


How my new book helps queer people create a more loving and accepting world. In my new book, Think Queerly – Meditations & Critical Reflections On Liberating Humanity, I advocate for inclusion and acceptance, as well as elevating consciousness — not just for LGBTQ+ peoples — but for all humanity, by leading from our uniqueness to demonstrate...

How We Treat Each Other As Queer Leaders


Th-Ink Queerly was founded with a mission statement that informs the ethics of the publication and to create alignment with those who wish to contribute to its evolution. One of the most important directives of the Th-Ink Queerly mission statement is that we  as queer thinkers and writers are purposefully critical of the status quo. At the same...

How Pete Buttigieg ‘Covers’ His Gay Identity


“Buttigieg is the first openly gay American to run for President. Only a few years ago, a gay Presidential hopeful was unthinkable. Yet, even in the midst of the backlash against LGBTQ equality created by the Trump administration, I feel underwhelmed by the prospect of a President Buttigieg and his significance as an openly gay politician...

Why the World Needs Queer Creativity Now More Than Ever


One of the reasons that so many LGBT people are at the forefront of creativity is because we see things differently; we have seen the world through the lens of the oppressor. As soon as we begin to self-actualize and challenge societal norms through creative expression, we are interpreting and/or beautifying that which has restricted our ability...

Too Many Gender Identifying Pronouns: The Decision Fatigue Paradox


The nature and economy of language provide clues about which pronouns will endure in the Queer Community. Pronouns used to properly recognize gender and sexual identities are a political act that disrupts the status quo. However, what’s been missing from the ‘pronoun debate’ is the discussion about the nature of language and who or what will have...

Gender Identity Discussion on Toronto Radio Show, Rainbow Country


A special episode of the Think Queerly Podcast — TQ107 Recently, I was a guest on the radio show, Rainbow Country on CIUT 89.5 FM. The creator and host, Mark Tara invited me back for a second show to talk about various aspects of gender identity along with my colleague, scholar and activist, Jeffry J. Iovannone. We discuss the...

The Need for Control and Belonging: The Zeitgeist of Social Media


Blaming LGBTQ and People of Colour for the ills of the world demonstrates ignorance and a lack of critical thinking skills. TQ106 This morning I read a tweet by someone I follow referencing Tucker Carlson and another right-wing pundit blaming the forest fires in Los Angeles on diversity programs and LGBTQ people: “Tucker Carlson and Dave...

Darren is a leadership coach in Toronto, Canada who helps his clients to connect and embrace their uniqueness and freely create the life they want. He writes and podcasts regularly about Queer Leadership.