How to Discover Your True Purpose in Life – LOP044

Over the last few episodes of the Living OUT Podcast I’ve been discussing the unique gifts that gay men bring to the world. During this process I’ve discovered more about my true purpose – not in the sense that I didn’t know what it was, but as we evolve and learn more about who we […]

Th-Ink OUT-side the Box to Improve the Quality of Your Life – LOP038

How do you break out of the box you’ve built up around your life that limits your potential? You start with your thoughts. It’s not about being mind-full, it’s about improving your mind-set. If your mind is full, there’s no room for new thoughts. If you re-organize and improve your sets of thoughts, behaviours, and […]

The Purging Process Program – LOP035

What’s one of the biggest problems most of us face on a daily basis? Overwhelm! If you are struggling, stressed out, and overwhelmed there are three reasons: There’s too much stuff distracting your attention and ability to focus; Information overload in the form of news feeds, emails, texts, websites, and all the technology you need […]

When You Purge What Distracts You, You Reconnect with Your Values

Last week I was listening to and episode of the “Waking Up” podcast by Sam Harris. He was speaking with with New York Times bestselling author, Johann Hari about the challenges of addiction and depression, and the increased use of prescribed anti-depressants, opioids, and illegal drug use. They discussed why people are so easily angry […]

If You Focus on Meaningful Work You Will Achieve Personal Success

You have to know what you want to get what you want. When you know what you want to accomplish in life, you can establish systems and structures that will support accomplishing your goals. There’s this little challenge though, and it’s called distraction. If you’re easily excited by every new idea, jumping from one project […]

Divining the Depths of the Well of Self-Awareness

The following is a meditative, flow-of-consciousness writing that I did as part of my morning journal practice. To Live OUT the Best of Who You Are, you begin witn an investigation into your identity to un-closet the stories of who you are. Once you begin to see the plot lines of your unique story, you […]