How Privilege Limits the Nature of Abundance – LOP012

One early morning last week on my way to the gym, I saw a homeless man wandering aimlessly. I looked away, avoiding eye contact, and kept going, pretending that it shouldn’t matter. But by thinking the thought, it did matter. It mattered that he was “homeless” and I did nothing about it – other than […]

Bullshitting Myself and Other Excuses – LOP011

Do you ever catch yourself in your own bullshit, making excuses for why you can’t do something, or why you don’t want to do something? What are the things you’re lying to yourself about that are holding you back from something that would make you happy; some action that, when completed, would improve the quality […]

Ask Better Questions To Get What You Need – LOP010

This episode was inspired by a recent post on my publication, Th-Ink Queerly about one person’s coming out process, and specifically her fears. I found it interesting because her article became a long list of fears that could keep her forever trapped in a state of low self-worth and limited growth, unless she finds a way […]

How Gay Shame Limits Self-Worth and Personal Growth – LOP008

Something I learned about myself some time ago, was how gay shame was holding me back and limiting my success. I was afraid of other people’s opinions of me. For many gay men it’s challenging to feel good enough, to feel like we belong, and to feel equal within society. Not feeling good enough started […]

How Do We Effectively Respond To So Much Injustice? LOP007

On a daily basis – if you read headline news – there appears to be so much pain and anguish in the world. Often our intrinsic, immediate response to those who make us feel this way is to lash out or bash back. Is outrage and / or physical violence an appropriate response, and if […]

Good Intentions Versus The Haters – LOP006

If you do any kind of work in the public eye, whether you write, podcast, record videos, and so on, you need to be ready for the haters. And by the way, this includes posting to your personal Twitter or Facebook pages! You never know who’s lurking and ready to attack you for your views […]

How Can We Be Exceptional Leaders? LOP005

Setting a standard of leadership starts with self-awareness One of the many test of leadership is seen when the leader must make difficult decisions that affect other people. True leadership is borne when others look to you for guidance. They might want to follow you, mimic you, or stand with you for what you believe […]