Darren Stehle – The Living OUT Coach for Gay Men

If you’re reading this, you probably lead a deeply examined life.

People may compliment you on your insight.

You’re most likely an introvert. As a life-long learner you are a keen observer and highly intuitive. You read between the lines, you’re a truth seeker, and you tell it like it is – no sugar-coating. Attention to detail is your forte. You’re highly analytical and love creating systems and structure to solve problems. 

When things don’t go your way you feel stuck

You might feel like a failure, and you shut down. You become a perfectionist, controling every detail including expectations. You begin to doubt your abilities and become defensive when you don’t feel respected for what you believe to be true.

What I Do Is What I Practice:

I help gay men realize what’s possible by exploring their gifts and passions to LIVE OUT the best of who they are.

Darren Apr18 Headshot

I’m Darren Stehle. At a young age I was diagnosed dyslexic and having ADHD. My learning challenges led me to pursue higher education – from Chef School to a Master’s in German Language and Linguistics.

For over 10 years I worked at a Canadian Gay & Lesbian print media non-profit, moving quickly into a top leadership position. I then ran a fitness coaching business for 15 years. Now I focus my energy on my coaching work, as well as podcasting and writing.

For the last 20 years I have invested countless hours in independent study, worked with business and life coaches, and have become an expert in well-being, mindset, productivity, and personal growth. 

If you’re tired of hiding the best parts of who you are and want to embrace possibility, let’s have a conversation.