Has anyone ever told you that you’re a deep thinker?

If you’re anything like me, you lead a deeply examined life. You might be a writer, a scholar, or a creative. You are someone who wants to make a positive difference in the world.

People compliment you on your insight.

Darren red shirt

You’re most likely an introvert and as a life-long learner, you’re a keen observer of the world, people’s behaviours and actions, and highly intuitive.

You read between the lines, you’re a truth-seeker, and you tell it like it is – no sugar-coating (which sometimes gets you into trouble). 

Attention to detail is your forté. You’re highly analytical and love creating systems and structures to come up with elegant solutions that solve problems.

But, when things don’t go your way you feel stuck.

You might feel like a failure and you shut down. You become a perfectionist, controlling every detail including expectations. You begin to doubt your abilities and judgement. You can become defensive when you don’t feel respected for what you believe to be true. You wear your emotions on your sleeve.

What I do is what I practice:

I help LGBTQ people use their difference to make a difference: to lead others in creating a more balanced, evolved, and humane world.