Client Feedback about my coaching and kind words about the think queerly podcast

Infused my life with new-found hope and excitement.

As a freelancer, being held accountable is essential to my productivity and satisfaction in my day to day, yet it’s been the easiest thing for me to sweep under the rug.

I reached out to Darren recognizing that how I’ve been operating no longer works for me and who I want to be in my life.

Enter Darren: an incredibly gracious, wise, and generous mentor and coach. My time spent working with him has been fundamentally transformative, and he has offered me insights I can apply practically to my life, right here, right now – not just theoretically. Our work together uncovered where I have been deluding myself, where I have been exceedingly hard on myself, and where I’ve been resisting acceptance of what is.

Holding the space for me, suggesting reframes of narratives I’ve been telling myself, illuminating more actionable ways I can make and reach my goals are just some of the topics we’ve covered. The amount of time, energy, and attention he’s offered me, even after a session, reflects the heart and passion he has for his work and for being of service.

I am exceedingly grateful to Darren for infusing my life with new-found hope and excitement and for all he offers to our community!


Eric H.

Mentor, Out, Thoughtful, and Accountability.

I found Darren when I was researching how to start a book writing project. I found him on Medium and after reading the information on his website, I felt that I had to connect with him. He spoke exactly to what I was feeling at the time, I felt lost – stuck, like I was waiting for something to happen. If you have been on his website, you can see his message loud and clear, it was like a loud speaker immediately connecting with what I was feeling.

When we spoke on our first call, he came across as one of the most sincere, honest people I have ever met. He was genuinely interested in what I had to say and was powerful in his way of asking questions that lead me into deeper constructive self-probing.

After we spoke, I immediate saw there was great value to continue the relationship and have him as a coach. He guided me to do a self-mind mapping session that with his questions, opened the path forward and helped me get unstuck. After many sessions, he continues to provide great feedback but more importantly, continues to ask the questions that redirect me in reflection and lead to next steps.

Darren has helped me open the path forward on my book project and has also helped me see my own way forward on a larger scale as well. He has shown me many things about the publishing and web blogging world I would never have thought of, as well as pointing me in the right directions when needed to learn more as I proceed in the book project.

I feel that Darren’s mission in life is to help LGBTQ people see their own value and then empower them to do and be more, giving back to our community in the process.

George Baez

Humanity and passion.

I met Darren a number of years ago when I signed up with him to be my personal trainer. He was extremely supportive and motivating, but what I remember most about the first experience with him, was his ability to relate to me. When he evolved to being a life coach I was very excited and signed up right away.

Darren’s life experiences have truly made him an example of overcoming hard situations and made him an exceptionally unique coach, as he can relate to individuals on so many levels.

His humanity and passion are the most beautiful qualities that show when you speak to him. All you have to do is read his writings and listen to him and you will know what I’m talking about.

Darren has a gift of being able to deduce and understand situations and get a person to talk without reservation. He asks the right questions and is a master at initiating thought-provoking conversation.

He has kept me grounded, focused, and positive. People around me have noticed the impact as I have become more self-aware and improved my confidence to get to the next level with his help and support.


Nada Elbard

Darren is compassionate and enthusiastic

His podcast, Think Queerly, has helped me immensely on my path of personal growth. He covers a range of vital topics, including challenges and opportunities unique to gay men, in a manner that is easy to comprehend and never feels negative or condescending. Listening to Darren and learning from him has helped me better understand myself and pushed me to realize my potential.


Aric Furfaro

Congratulations on launching the podcast.

I’m glad that your next big goal is finally taking off, and I can tell — finishing the first episode now — that it’s going to be a big success. I love podcasts with an incredible passion, but one of the biggest things that I’ve noticed is that there aren’t enough LGBTQ+ voices using the medium. Thank you for being that voice.

Thank you for the work that you’ve done for the LGBTQ+ community as a whole. From coaching, writing, editing, podcasting, and motivating, you’ve projected so much of your advocacy into the growth of others, and that makes you a phenomenal leader.

Speaking for myself, you’ve helped me grow so much as a person ever since I first joined the publication only a few months ago. It’s been an amazing pleasure to work with you, and I can’t wait to continue doing so.

Benny Phi

I remember after our initial meeting I left with the confidence that you were the right person to work with.

We spent a long time (longer than the allotted time I remember) discussing what my goals were and what challenges I’d faced in the past reaching them.

You talked about your approach and how you worked with your clients. You didn’t promise success but did promise you would partner with me to achieve success, to the extent that I was committed to success. It let me know that if I wanted real and sustained change I had to actually work at it outside of the coaching session. In the past, I thought my job was to show up for the session and success would follow. You made me see that I had a bigger role to play than that.

You encouraged me to remember why I was doing this work and to focus on that. The realization that my attitude was as important to reaching and sustaining my goals as the coaching itself was revolutionary.

Whenever I’m discouraged by a bad week you’d mention where I’ve come from and how much progress I’ve already made. You have confidence that I’ll succeed and that confidence is infectious. I’d see how you’d adapt to find ways to explain new habits, and to get into my head to figure out what was holding me back. Finally, it’s you’re overall attitude. You don’t ever let me quit. You care about the whole person.


Brent Knowles

Darren is the only coach who has made a significant impact on my overall wellbeing.

I’ve utilized most of his services, including personal training, assisted stretching, nutritional advice and meal planning. I have learned the value of integrating healthy choices into my lifestyle thanks to Darren’s wholesome approach to fitness and his philosophy on nutrition.

Practicing being disciplined with my health and myself will help me be disciplined in other areas of my life. And it will help me prioritize myself. I am notorious for always putting others first and I really want to give myself some time and some self-love.

Once you work with Darren I find it’s very difficult to turn anywhere else because he truly is the best. He is highly knowledgable and has provided me with excellent tools to make the maintenance of my fitness and nutritional habits a breeze.


Tamara Jacobs

Darren is a leadership coach in Toronto, Canada who helps his clients to connect and embrace their uniqueness and freely create the life they want. He writes and podcasts regularly about Queer Leadership.