Do You Have Faith or Trust that You Will Succeed? LOP033

Faith is passive – Trust is action oriented.  Faith is an expectation that what you can’t prove is true, what will come to pass, or what you believe to be true without reason or logic. When you trust in the process, when you trust in yourself, you make decisions about what you’re going to do to […]

Why Do We Fear Future Success? LOP026

Pretend that you recently accomplished a really big goal. I’m talking the big-kahuna, significant life goal: a major promotion at work; a $30,000 sales target reached; you’ve moved into your dream home; you lost over 20 pounds of body fat; or whatever you have in mind as a meaningful, impactful goal. Now that you find […]

You’re Gay, Out, and Successful – Is That All There Is?

The trappings of normality in the straight world come with a cost. Fitting in requires an investment of false energy (you not expressing who you are). Do you have the things everyone else does, like a house, a car, 3–4 weeks of vacation per year, marriage, children, etc.? It’s easy to get lost in your […]

How Does It Feel When You’re Living Your Calling?

Over the last two months I’ve had very little sense of time. I’ve been focused on writing every day. This has led to increased learning, personal growth, and literally transforming before my own eyes. What I’ve realized is that I’ve created something that’s allowing me to be my most authentic, truthful self. I’ve created an […]