Are You Doing Goal Setting Backwards? LOP029

If you want to accomplish something that’s important to you, do you believe that setting a goal with a deadline, or making a New Year’s resolution will do the trick? Do you create lists of goals with the best intentions, but then for whatever reason, you never accomplish them? Over the years of studying personal […]

Why Fear of the Future Keeps You Stuck in Your Past – LOP028

Do you think the following statement is true: People who are afraid of the future cling to the present. When I first read that sentence it hit me hard, because of my recent awareness that I have ‘apparently’ been fearful of my own future. I’ve been experiencing fears around the promise of something new and […]

Love the Journey and the Destination – LOP027

Have you hard the expression, “You need to fall in love with the process, not the goal”. That’s only partially correct. While it’s highly motivating to fall in love with the process, you never want to be attached to the goal. You don’t want to be emotionally dependant upon the goal. You want to fall […]

Why Do We Fear Future Success? LOP026

Pretend that you recently accomplished a really big goal. I’m talking the big-kahuna, significant life goal: a major promotion at work; a $30,000 sales target reached; you’ve moved into your dream home; you lost over 20 pounds of body fat; or whatever you have in mind as a meaningful, impactful goal. Now that you find […]

If You Focus on Meaningful Work You Will Achieve Personal Success

You have to know what you want to get what you want. When you know what you want to accomplish in life, you can establish systems and structures that will support accomplishing your goals. There’s this little challenge though, and it’s called distraction. If you’re easily excited by every new idea, jumping from one project […]

Are You Living Out Your Dream Life? LOP016

Do you have a vision of what your dream life looks like? Or do you have a mission, or what some refer to as having a calling in life? You can have all of the above. As an example, I am consciously creating my dream life every day (and sometimes I doubt it will ever […]

What Is Your Calling in Life?

This was my life over a year ago (mid 2017), trying to find a way out of personal training and health coaching. This post is inspired by a journal entry  I wrote as a result of using my own, ADD Method: Get Clarity Process. The problems I was struggling at that time were: how to […]