What’s the biggest challenge you’re facing and how much improved would your life be if you could solve it?

What’s your secret dream or passion – some part of you closeted away – that you would give anything to explore and fully live out?

Is it something you’ve locked away, something you left behind in the closet at a time when you needed to fit it or protect yourself? Now that you’re older you can pursue that dream, talent, or passion.

What have you achieved that had a tremendous impact?

What did that feel like? You probably had someone along the way to lead, guide, or coach you. If you went to university, you might’ve had a mentor or an advisor if you did your Master’s or PhD.

Coaching is something like higher education, but it’s much more fluid and dependent entirely on your input. You’ve come to me to get a clear understanding of why you’re not getting what you want – why you’re dissatisfied, or why you feel like something is missing in your life.

My role is to help you find solutions to what’s holding you back. More importantly, I will help you make the changes to live out the best of who you are.

Darren’s life experiences have truly made him an example of overcoming hard situations and made him an exceptionally unique coach, as he can relate to individuals on so many levels.

Nada Elbard

What are you not expressing that you’re keeping in the closet?

How you say what you say is often the information I need that helps me ask very specific questions – the kind of questions that gets into what you’re not saying. It’s in our fears, and in what we don’t say, where our greatest potential lives.

Potential, as an idea, can sound overwhelming, but my job is to help you take the smallest steps possible, for you to easily and eagerly move forward. 

It is about what you believe is possible.

Up until this point you either haven’t given the time or energy to how you could be or do what you’ve been longing for.

What coaching does is bring you into the present moment. It’s easy to get caught up in the busywork up doing and being productive, which makes us feel like we’re getting somewhere. While the work you do may be important, you may not be giving enough focus and energy to living out the best of your dreams and aspirations.

Whenever I’m discouraged by a bad week you’d mention where I’ve come from and how much progress I’ve already made. You have a confidence that I’ll succeed and that confidence is infectious. I’d see how you’d adapt to find ways to explain new habits, and to get into my head to figure out what was holding me back.

Brent Knowles

Coaching is like getting a PhD in life.

Coaching is not for everyone. You will have to work hard, not for me, but for yourself.

To get results you have to do the work, and you can only be accountable to yourself. My work is to help you get crystal clear, to know what small steps to take, and to know how and why you want to measure your progress and results. My role is to help you minimize the distractions and refocus your day-to-day energy on what you most want.

Coaching is a great investment – in you!

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