What Does “Living OUT the Best of Me” Feel Like?

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As a gay man, what would it mean to live out the best of you?

For me it’s about understanding if I’ve left the best parts of me in the closet, and which of those parts I want to bring out and enjoy living.

Let me give you an example from my own life.

When I was a teenager growing up in the early 80s, I loved watching figure skating, gymnastics, and contemporary dance. I never got to practice any of those athletic activities, but I watched — in silence and in secret. Continue reading “What Does “Living OUT the Best of Me” Feel Like?”

To Be Happy and Fulfilled As Gay Men We Need To Break Out Of The Box

When Did You Come Out?

If you’re over 40 you might have come out at a time when you had to fit in as the “acceptable” gay. So you came out, but you still had to fit in!

As gay men we have lived lives of not always speaking our truth, of withholding who we are from others, and subsequently feeling shame for doing so. But when you unbox your hidden, suppressed truths, you give them life, and yourself freedom.

This is where change begins, with awareness of our closeted truths, of held back secret dreams and desires.

You can be out, but not expressing your complete identity. You’re out, but you’ve boxed yourself in to conform to social norms.

You may have lovely things like a house, a partner, a quality car, and fashionable clothes and accessories.

You may enjoy the finer things in life like the freedom to travel, to eat out at nice restaurants, to contribute or volunteer for charitable causes.

You might even have adopted the perfectly straight lifestyle and got married. Continue reading “To Be Happy and Fulfilled As Gay Men We Need To Break Out Of The Box”