Break Out!

Break Out Of The Box! The Video Program

It’s easy to do, and we all do it – we make a choice in life that limits what we can accomplish. Why? It’s easy and if feels safe. BUT you can learn how to change that, if you want to.

In this 6-part video program I’ll to show you how to break out of the box that blocks you from being who you are, and how to take action to get out of your own way and get what you want!

Best part? It’s surprisingly easy, when you know what to do.

β€œThe past few months I’ve been exhausted. I want more of everything – more personal time, more success in business, etc. etc. I’m only 24, so it’s insanely difficult for me to get grounded and understand what I need to do. Darren’s book was like a revelation to me.

Who knew that working through your problems is actually pretty simple? It’s simple when you think of it in the way that Darren laid out. You figure out what you want to do, find your biggest obstacle, and then work on one new habit that will help you surmount that obstacle. Just one.

Simplicity makes for the greatest teacher. And Darren cuts through the B.S. to get to the center of why we can’t accomplish what we want to accomplish. For that, I’m insanely grateful. His book really helped me understand what I need to do in navigating this crucial year of my life, and the steps I need to take moving forward as I travel to Southeast Asia, get started on YouTube, and take my business deeper into 2018.”

– Thomas Kuegler, Finding Tom

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