How to Let Go of Being Right to Be Who You Are – LOP018

Needing to be right is not who you are. In this episode I look at why we often go on the defensive about what we believe to be right, why we attack so easily when confronted with something we don’t agree with or believe in, and what that says about who we are.  Below are […]

How to Set Yourself Apart by Taking Creative Risks – LOP017

Taking risks is not about trying to be different or trying to make a name for yourself. This is not the same as riding a rollercoaster or sky-diving. This is a risk of the soul, exposing your truth, your abilities, and your creative genius to the world. You can’t predict anyone will care, follow you, […]

Are You Living Out Your Dream Life? LOP016

Do you have a vision of what your dream life looks like? Or do you have a mission, or what some refer to as having a calling in life? You can have all of the above. As an example, I am consciously creating my dream life every day (and sometimes I doubt it will ever […]

What Is Your Calling in Life?

This was my life over a year ago (mid 2017), trying to find a way out of personal training and health coaching. This post is inspired by a journal entry  I wrote as a result of using my own, ADD Method: Get Clarity Process. The problems I was struggling at that time were: how to […]

Use This Process to Solve Your Problems and Challenges – LOP015

The outcome of this self-assessment process is to gain clarity on the reasons for your problems, struggles or challenges. Once you get clarity on what’s holding you back, you can then come up with solutions and create an action plan to solve those problems and challenges.  This process is part of my ADD Coaching Methodology: […]

I woke from the most wonderful dream…

It was more of a lucid dream, the kind you have just before waking up when you actually realize you’re dreaming In my dream I got out of bed and I walked downstairs. I was looking for our dog. I went to his bed and laid on my side. He appeared from behind me, did […]

A Treatise On How We Treat Others – LOP014

Why do we act mean or disrespectful towards others? Why don’t we realize that this is a lack of self-respect? When we attack, harass, bully, defame, or call someone names, it is a reflection of our own self-image. Our actions are a reflection of our lack of control and emotional intelligence. It’s easy to go […]

How We Treat Each Other Reflects Who We Are

What’s wrong in the world? What’s wrong is that I’m seeing far too many issues with people who, Seem to have a god-complex; Think they’re right, and you’re wrong (discussion not optional), and; Seem to fight only for what they believe in, ignoring logic in place of emotional connections, ideology, or faith. This makes me wonder, […]