How Does It Feel When You’re Living Your Calling?

Passion led us here

Over the last two months I’ve had very little sense of time.

I’ve been focused on writing every day. This has led to increased learning, personal growth, and literally transforming before my own eyes.

What I’ve realized is that I’ve created something that’s allowing me to be my most authentic, truthful self. I’ve created an outlet for my expression with Th-Ink Queerly, where my mission is to help people see things differently.


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Celebrate When You Feel Stuck In Life: It Only Means One Thing


Think of being stuck in life like being stalled in an elevator.

You pressed the button for your desired floor/destination. Now you stand and wait. There is no other option.

Without warning, the elevator comes to a complete stop between floors.

The battery in your cell phone is dead. You can’t do anything about the elevator, except to use the intercom to call for help.

Let’s pretend you’re the only one in the cab.

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Why Is It So Hard To Be Authentic?


Being authentic in a status quo world is easier said than done.

Why is this such a big deal, to be authentic, and what does it mean?

Here’s the Oxford dictionary definition of authentic,

“of undisputed origin and not a copy; genuine.“

The etymology of authentic is from the late Latin, authenticus, meaning ‘principal, genuine.’

Being authentic means being an original and not a copy of anyone else.

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What Do You Want To Do Differently In 2018 As A Gay Man?

It’s December 27, 2017. Just a few days away from people making their New Year’s resolutions.

You’ve probably seen articles like these showing up on Facebook and Twitter:

  • How to set goals for 2018.
  • Use this process to make a killing in 2018.
  • You shouldn’t be planning for 2018, you should be planning for 2019 and 10 years out.
  • Follow this 90 day goal setting process to finally achieve your goals.

I’ve written headlines like this in the past. There’s nothing wrong with any of them. The most important thing is to use a process that actually gets you results. However,

What’s the one thing that’s going to make a real, measurable difference in your life?

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