What Holds You Back vs What Do You Want More? LOP062

What’s the obstacle in your way? Is it someone, some event, or something? In every instance the only thing in your way is you. It’s up to you to take the necessary steps that will allow you to pass through the obstacle in your way. What are the things you repeatedly do that are holding […]

Sex Panic! And No, I Will Not Think of the Children! LOP061

The expression of human sexuality, and the freedom to have sex with whomever we desire, was a defining quality in the early gay-rights movement, pre-AIDS. How things have changed, and yet, how some things have become worse. Where did this fear of sex start and what is “Sex Panic”? In the queer community, Sex Panic!, […]

A Conscious Meditation on the Gap

Entering the space between all things. There is nothing but space between worry and fear. There is nothing but space between love and hate. There is nothing but space between acceptance and rejection. There is nothing but space… …between right and wrong, …between you and me, …between us and them, …between male and female, or masculine and […]

The Cute Little Joys My Gay Boyfriend Brings – LOP060

Happy Valentine’s Day, 2019! My boyfriend, my partner, my lover, brings me joy every day. Moments of joy is what keeps our love alive, strong, and enduring. It’s not about how much money either of us makes. It’s not about how often we have sex. And it’s not about how he looks. “Love is about […]

Fear of “The Other” is Defence of the Ego – LOP059

The basic human fear of anyone else who is unlike us, too dissimilar, or who holds a different view of the world is the original binary. The original binary is the ego versus all else. The binary begins early in life when we learn our name; our identity. Who we are – at the level […]

The Reluctance to Lead as Out Gay Men: Embracing Gay Spirit – LOP058

Living OUT Leadership for Gay Men “Gay spirit speaks to the vitality that gay men possess, which is palpable but defies easy description.” Raymond Rigoglioso I believe that gay men have a unique opportunity to openly embrace their unique characteristics – in particular, their gay spirt – to bring a balanced, empathetic approach to leadership, […]

Do Actions Speak Louder Than Words? – LOP057

What we think is what we intend When we speak our ideas and intentions, our words initiate action, whether that be our own, or the inspiration for others to act. To answer the question above, what I see happening in the world today is that, Words ARE speaking louder than actions. The actions of hatred […]

The Hateful Prejudice and Elitism that is Jordan Peterson – LOP056

One of the promises made by the current Ontario PC government was that they would repeal the 2015 Ontario sex-ed curriculum installed by the former Liberal government if they won the election. They repealed the curriculum within months of winning the election in 2018 and temporarily replaced it with the 1998 curriculum. In August a […]

How to Communicate Better on Gay Dating Apps – LOP055

In the last episode I waxed nostalgic about, The Good Old Days of Meeting Men for Sex at Gay Bars – LOP054. Today’s episode picks up from where I left off, talking about the different challenges in communicating with someone on a dating app versus face-to-face in person. More and more I hear people complain […]