How to Control and Reduce The Toxic Stress of Homophobia – LOP070

Last week I was listening to Jonathan Van Ness’ podcast, Getting Curious (whom many of you might know from the Netflix show, Queer Eye). The episode, What is Toxic Stress & Why is She So Bad?, featured Dr. Caroline Leaf who’s a cognitive neuroscientist with a PhD in Communication Pathology and a BSc in Logopedics […]

When the Fight for LGBTQ Equality Seems Lost – LOP069

You need to keep trying, no matter what. ”How long should you try? Until.” Jim Rohn Jim Rohn never fails to say so much with so few words. What will it take for you to achieve your goals, be it your health, your business, or personal goals? But what if your goals involve LGBTQ equality, human […]

Being At Ease With Yourself – LOP067

“…from the standpoint of the ego, the universe is seen as the “other.” The ego concludes that this “other” is against it and, therefore, that I must struggle to survive.” The Tao of Abundance, Laurence G. Boldt Are You Struggling in Any Part of Your Life? Is your love life, career, or your life purpose […]

Life Is What You Make It: Don’t Backdate It. LOP066

When Your Heroes Start Dying. Baby, life’s what you make itCan’t escape itBaby, yesterday’s favoriteDon’t you hate itBaby life’s what you make itDon’t back date itBaby, don’t try to shade itBeauty is nakedBaby, life’s what you make itCelebrate itAnticipate itYesterday’s fadedNothing can change itLife’s what you make it Life’s What You Make It – Talk […]

What Are the Qualities of Gay Leadership? LOP065

Evolving Insights Into the Evolutionary Leadership Abilities of Gay Men. Possibly the most important and vital quality in a leader is honesty. I would also add the qualifiers, transparency and vulnerability. If I were to ask you, or a group of people, the question, “What is leadership?”, I could create a massive list of attributes. […]

Your Relationship with Your Mind (the Ego) and the Other

Changing the Structure of Self-Criticism The relationship you have with your mind determines how you feel about yourself. Have you ever noticed your self-talk when you are feeling bad about your actions or behaviours? Do you speak to yourself so critically, that if you were to speak in the same manner to your beloved or […]

Is Instagram to Blame for Gay Thirst Traps or Those Who Follow? LOP064

Reading my Twitter feed last week, I read this knee-jerk reaction to people with beautiful bodies posting pictures of themselves on Instagram, AKA “Thirst Traps”: Hyperbolic language doesn’t solve problems. Putting all of Instagram and gay thirst traps into a single container generally makes things worse. This is the path of blaming external circumstances and […]

The Challenge to Lead as Out Gay Men – LOP063

Recently I asked a question in an LGBTQ Professionals Group on Facebook. Here’s what I posted: I’m creating a small group mastermind for gay men to explore their unique and vital role in society, and to create meaningful, humanitarian change in the world. Currently, I’m creating the structure and preparing content for the program. But […]

Are Things Getting Better or Worse in the World?

Why your intentions, words, and actions matter — in that order. “What’s going on in the world?”, is a refrain I often overhear in conversations. More often than not, the comment is defeatist, meaning the person saying it has no plan to take action, get involved, or seek to make the world a better place. There are at […]