Hi, I’m Darren.

I coach gay men to break out of the box that fucks with who they want to be.

Mindset ~ Health & Fitness ~ Well-Being

Are you so boxed in you can’t see the possibility of who you are, let alone who you want to be?

Or are you living in a glass box –  seen but not so much heard – yet you only need to push open the lid to fully come out?

Do you box yourself into different ways of behaving, boxing in your identity when you are at work, with friends, or with family?

You are allowed to own who you are!

If you’re fucking tired of not expressing your most authentic and un-boxed self, you’ve come to a good place.

Maybe you’re not happy with your body, or tired of having to compete for attention. You know what you need to do, you’re just not doing it.

Maybe you’re blocking yourself from personal success and fulfilment, not having dealt with the adolescent shame of being gay. You have’t thought about it, but you know this is part of the problem.

Let’s unbox all that so I can help you get what you want, more quickly than what you’d accomplish on your own.



Unbox Your Greatness Video Course


We're all stuck in a box.

Like it or not you've made choices to limit your potential.

Discover what's boxing you in and how to start breaking out!

In +/- 10-minutes per day, for the next seven days, I'll help you break out of the box that fucks with who you want to be.

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